Elite athletes utilize cryotherapy to maximize their performance.


Up to 3 minutes in a nitrogen vapor filled chamber brings about biochemical changes that will reduce pain and inflammation as well as speed workout recovery. Improved sleep, lower stress, relieve of anxiety and improved immune system response are additional benefits. More


$25/first time session

$225 for 10 sessions

Packages and memberships available

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Youth, Prep and Collegiate Athletes Recovery*

Youth, prep and collegiate athletes incur such a huge workload between school sports, club teams and personal workouts that they can impede their progress if they aren't recovering properly. With that in mind we decided to offer an affordable packages below to make our services more accesible to all young athletes.

Cryotherapy $25; Red Light Therapy and Compression included free w/a Cryotherapy session

$199 Season Pass (10 sessions of the above)

*Athlete must be 14 years of age for Cryotherapy

African American woman in an infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

A 30-45 minute session will relax, detox and heal. Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and dementia with regular usage. All while burning up to 600 calories


$99 unlimited sessions

Red light Therapy for optimal health.

Red Light Therapy

The emerging evidence is revealing that LED Infrared and Red Light Therapy has far reaching health and performance benefits; less pain and inflammation, faster healing from injuries and surgeries, and improvement in testosterone levels in men. More


$99 unlimited sessions

Hydromassage Relaxes with warm water jets


Relax on a bed of warm pulsating jets of water that massage and relax your sore and tight muscles as you stay clothed and completely dry. 15 or 30 minute sessions available

$15/15 minutes

$25/30 minutes

Packages available

Compression Therapy

Much like a deep tissue massage, a 30 minutes compression therapy session relaxes the muscle and nerves. In addition the circulatory volume of the blood vessels will increase to speed the elimination of waste products.


$15 if paired w/another service Packages available